School Facilities

Computer Lab

Our commitment to maintaining an up-to-date and accessible computer lab underscores our dedication to preparing students for the demands of an increasingly digital world, ensuring they are well-equipped for academic and professional success.


Ensuring the convenience and safety of our students, we offer a reliable transportation facility. Our well-maintained fleet and trained drivers prioritize punctuality, creating a secure and comfortable commuting experience.

Science Lab

Our Science Lab is equipped with modern instruments and resources, providing students with a dynamic environment to conduct experiments, explore scientific principles, and deepen their understanding of the scientific method.

Smart Class

Embracing cutting-edge educational technology, we are proud to offer smart classes for our students. It serves as a catalyst for interactive and immersive learning, empowering students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the digital age.

Certified Teachers

Our commitment to academic excellence is underscored by our team of certified teachers. These educators bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and passion to the classroom, ensuring a high-quality learning experience for our students.


Through NCC activities, students have the opportunity to participate in various adventurous and character-building exercises, fostering a sense of patriotism and civic responsibility. The school offers Scouts and Guide to teach essential life skills, leadership, and teamwork. Additionally, the Red Cross program plays a crucial role in instilling humanitarian values, offering students avenues to contribute to community welfare and emergency response. These activities make learning more enriching and empower students with various skills.

Cultural & Heritage Education

Cultural and Heritage education goes beyond textbooks, providing students with a tangible connection to their roots and a broader global perspective.