GopiRadha Academy

Computer Courses

Our computer courses encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from fundamental concepts to advanced programming. Designed to accommodate learners of all levels, these courses provide an opportunity for both beginners to start from scratch and individuals with existing skills to enhance their proficiency.

1- CCC (Certificate of Computer Concept): A 3-month program providing foundational knowledge in computer concepts, essential for a digital-savvy world.

2- COA (Certificate of Office): A 3-month course focusing on practical skills in office applications, enhancing proficiency in office-related tasks.

3- Web Design with SEO: A 3-month program combining web design principles with search engine optimization techniques for creating an effective online presence.

4- Programming Language (C, C++, JAVA, VB, PYTHON, HTML): A 3-month specialization allowing students to choose and master one programming language from a variety of options.

5- Financial Accounting With Tally: A 4-month course providing hands-on experience in financial accounting using Tally software.

6- DCA (Diploma in Computer Application): A 6-month comprehensive program covering various aspects of computer applications for a well-rounded skill set.

7- DFA (Diploma in Financial Accounting): A 6-month diploma program focused on developing expertise in financial accounting practices.

8- ADCA (Advance Diploma in Computer Application): A 1-year advanced diploma program for in-depth knowledge and skills in computer applications.

9- PGDCA (Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application): A 1-year postgraduate program offering advanced studies in computer applications.

10- O Level: A 1-year program providing a foundational understanding of computer applications at an advanced level.

11- B Level: A 2-year program for a more in-depth and advanced study of computer applications.

12- A Level: A 3-year program offering comprehensive knowledge and specialization in computer applications.

Remedial Classes

We provide Remedial classes for various academic stages, including Primary, PRT, Pre-Foundation, and Foundation Classes, ensuring comprehensive support for students from Primary to University entrance preparation.

1- Primary Classes (1 to 5): Foundational support for young learners, focusing on building essential skills and knowledge in a nurturing environment.

2- PRT Classes (6 to 8): Individualized assistance for students transitioning to middle school, addressing academic challenges and fostering a smooth academic journey.

3- Pre-foundation Class (9 to 10): Preparing students for higher studies, emphasizing advanced concepts and skills to excel in the secondary education phase.

4- Foundation Class (11 to 12): Guiding students through the crucial higher secondary years, ensuring a strong academic foundation for future endeavours.

5- CUET (Common University Entrance Test) – 12 Pass out Students: Targeted preparation for university entrance exams, assisting 12th-grade students in achieving success in their higher education aspirations.

Sports Academy

We prioritize a holistic approach to education at Gopi Radha Academy. Our Sports Academy offers engaging Karate classes, ensuring a blend of physical activity and academic excellence for every student. We provide Karate Classes aimed at developing physical fitness, mental discipline, and self-defence skills. Our certified instructors provide comprehensive training, ensuring that students not only master karate techniques but also imbibe essential values like discipline and respect. These classes are designed to empower students with the confidence to face challenges both inside and outside the academy, fostering holistic growth and well-being.