History Of Our School

Our Inspiration

Late Smt. Gopi Devi

Late Sri Radha Charan Sah

Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhagwan Das

Late Sri Udai Saroj Sah

Late Dr. Karuna Shah

Our Founder

Late Smt. Satyavati Devi

Soft-spoken, ever-smiling, and kind-hearted, Shrimati Satyavati Devi was born into the highly esteemed Sah family in Varanasi on October 21, 1902 CE. Her father, Shri Radha Charan Sah Ji, was a learned and talented collector of his time. Satyavati Ji, the youngest daughter of her father, had an elder brother, Shri Shrinath Sah Ji, and two elder sisters.

From childhood, Satyavati Ji was intelligent, sharp-minded, and a gentle-natured girl. Her early education took place at home. She was married into a wealthy and respected Swarup family in Muzaffarnagar. Unfortunately just a year after marriage, Satyavati Ji had to endure the unbearable pain of widowhood.

Satyavati Ji was a dedicated homemaker and she had a keen interest in sewing and embroidery. On one occasion, she visited her paternal home in Varanasi for a family celebration. During this time, she was influenced by the guidance of her revered brother Shri Shrinath Sah Ji. Under the supervision of an English governess specially summoned from Kolkata, she began acquiring an English education. Just four months later, her in-laws summoned her back and she left her studies to return home. However, her life was destined for a sacred mission.

After returning to Varanasi, she expressed her desire for education to her brother Shri Shrinath Sah Ji. Recognizing her capability, her insightful brother appreciated her aspirations and a competent teacher was appointed for her. After ten months of education, she successfully passed the Intermediate and B.T.C. (Basic Training Certificate) examinations in 1933.

Following the exam, during the summer vacation, she went to Bhilwara and for two months engaged in social service alongside Shri Jamanalal Bajaj Ji. Inspired by her abilities, he urged her to move to Wardha to contribute to women’s education and social work. However, she could not visit Wardha. Consequently, after returning from Bhilwara in July 1933, she enrolled in a local Hindu school for teaching.

Her appointment was made as a history teacher, and she also taught English and other subjects. It was a unique event of that time that a girl from such an illustrious and prosperous family pursued higher education and entered the teaching profession. Another remarkable incident was that after obtaining a leave from the Hindu School to pursue higher education in pedagogy in 1941, she traveled alone to England. There, she obtained a Diploma in Education in English Thought and Practice, and conducted observations and inspections of various schools. In this context, she also travelled to Europe or European and other countries.

Satyavati Ji’s personality was gentle and influential. She possessed a unique combination of profound emotional depth and intense intellect. She provided financial assistance to many girls for their education and took on numerous young women, educating them, guiding them on the right path European and other countries preparing them for a fulfilling life.

After retirement from Hindu School, her desire was to establish a disciplined girls’ school based on Indian culture, incorporating the positive aspects she observed during her visits to European schools.

Satyavati Ji driven by her revered father’s principles of honesty and sincerity, and the ideals of Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhagwan Das Ji, decided to establish the school. She named the school “Gopi-Radha Balika Vidyalaya” in the fond memory of her father Shri Radha Charan Ji and her mother Shrimati Gopi Devi. Her nephew and the school’s administrator, Shri Uday Saroj Sah Ji, played an enthusiastic role in supporting her vision. Shri Uday Saroj Sah Ji was an Honorary Magistrate,social reformer, philanthropist and held various other important positions. He was also a member council of  Banaras Hindu Univerisity and Gorakhpur Univerisity. The cooperative society for the convenience of teachers, staff, and students, as well as the establishment of a music school, reflects Shri Sah Ji’s keen interest in the welfare and continuous progress of the school. In 1962, he officially registered the organization at the “Registrar of Societies,” and the school gradually progressed under Smt Satyavati Ji’s and Shri Uday Saroj Sah Ji’s guidance.

Gopi Radha Primary School & Girls Inter College is a living testament to the legacy of Satyavati Devi Ji and Shri Udai Saroj Sah Ji embodying their unwavering dedication and commitment in both physical and spiritual realms.